Life cycles and butterfly wonder

Life cycles and butterfly wonder

Life cycles and butterfly wonder

The butterfly life cycle is a perfect way to introduce your child to the larger topic of the cycle of life. A butterfly’s life cycle is fascinating to children and easy for them to visualise when looking at the different stages.
It’s also great for language skills and a starting point to explore more in-depth learning around each life cycle phase for children older than preschoolers. We have created a fun colouring in activity for you to print out and do with your child showing the four main stages of the butterfly’s cycle. You can just drag and drop the below colouring in ready for you to print or go to our website to download the PDF!
butterfly life cycle free download printable activity for children
These illustrations have been taken our beautiful Butterfly Life puzzle which was winner of a Silver Bizzie Baby award! A wonderful colourful 4 layer puzzle that introduces metamorphosis to your toddler! Each layer illustrates the different stages of a butterfly, from a tiny little egg on a cabbage leaf to a caterpillar, and chrysalis stage. Children can practice their fine motor skills whilst also learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly. The finished puzzle can then be used as a prompt for story-telling or to aid learning, so it’s perfect for the homeschooling too! Find out more here:
And the wonderful
National Geographic Kids
have a brilliant blog post here explaining the butterfly
life cycle in further detail:
Check out our other lovely wooden puzzles that explore different aspects of nature like our Underwater shapes and Touchy feely animals.


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