Open-Ended Play

Open Ended Play

Exploring Imagination

We are taking learning through play to a new dimension with our brand new open ended play collection! Letting a child explore play without instruction is a wonderful way to challenge them to use their imagination and play without boundaries.

Playing With Confidence

Open ended toys are an amazing way for little ones to develop new skills. With open ended toys, there is no right or wrong answer, no end goal and no instruction. Meaning that children can play with confidence knowing that they can be as creative and eccentric as they like.

Play Without Boundaries

Traditional toys such as games and puzzles bring important skills to the table, as you learn to make the right move or to complete the level. Your child's constant development allows them to navigate their way through life learning what is right and wrong.

Playing with open ended toys teaches your child that they can also make their own decisions, encouraging them to be creatively confident. These types of independent decision making skills can be used later in life, in school, and all with a new attitude to learning.

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Your Creative Little One

Give your clever child the self-belief they need to be their best self! Why limit their creative time? This special way to play can last for hours, or even days.

We love the idea of creating a world in a tray, using sand and other found objects. Use recycled cling film found on fruit and veg containers to create the illusion of water if you are trying to create an imaginative scene, and with some of our new open ended toys you can really start to create your own wonderful world of imaginations.

Perfect open ended toys include blocks, found objects, dolls and figures, sand, boxes and anything else that you fancy including in the building of your new world.

Open Ended Play