Pocket money toys


Pocket Money Toys

Toys under £20

Gifts for little Purses

Buying better quality toys does n't have to cost the earth. Which is why we have made sure we have plenty of pocket money toys to offer. Whether your little one is looking for something to spend their birthday money on, or you are just after something affordable for a birthday party, we have the perfect selection for you. 

Add to a set

If your little one already has one of our larger play sets, like our train sets, dolls houses, or something in between, we have some nifty additions and accessories that can be added on or can be played with independently.  We strive to create life-long sets that will last for years, but we also know how great it feels to have something new! 

Collect them all

Our shelf units come with enough slots for each animal, why not give your child a sense of achievement for filling up their shelf? We love the idea of teaching kids value of working hard for the nice things you want from a young age, plus, didn't you have a couple of chores needed doing?