Plastic free toys that kids adore that are also kind to the planet

Plastic free toys that kids adore that are also kind to the planet

Plastic free toys that kids adore that are also kind to the planet

 As a company we have been working really hard with all our suppliers to replace single use plastic wherever possible....we are replacing all our small plastic bags that hold our screws with small recyclable cardboard boxes and we are now wrapping all our products in paper for internal protection. We are also eliminating our window boxes in order to reduce the use of the clear acetate.

circus stacker

We now have an amazing 89% of all our range that is totally plastic free!

Balancing polar circle, Stacking farmyard, Patchwork quilt puzzle to name but a few...


Really lovely to see that wonderful companies like Okido, who I have loved ever since they appeared on our childrens' bookshelves years ago, promote our brand over on their blog....

"Whether you’re doing your bit or going plastic-free with the whole family, eco-friendly toys are a step in the right direction when it comes to green parenting. Giving your child the understanding they need to appreciate and look after our planet is important for everyone, regardless of age."

If you have n't been onto their site, please take a look, its full of wonderful articles and gorgeous resources for learning through play...

And there are some fabulous retailers out there who have set themselves the challenge to only promote toys that are 100% plastic free!

A big shout out to one of our favorites - PomPom,

They have selected 4 of our products as they qualify for their rigorous selection process as being completely plastic free....

"We hand pick items created by brands that love design and creativity like we do. Our desire to be free from plastic works hand in hand with our aesthetic."

We are really chuffed to be part of their mission to offer well designed completely earth friendly products for children.